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Fabricating and Machining Equipment

Sheet and Plate Fabricating Equipment

Punch Presses:

W.A. Whitney 647 Custom Fabricator

  • 50 Ton CNC Controlled, with Quick Change Tooling and a Hypertherm Plasma Torch for materials up to 1 inch thick.

  • Blanks can be up to 96 inch wide and any length

W.A. Whitney 647B Fabricator

  • 40 Ton NC Controlled with Quick Change Tooling 1/4 inch thick by 96 inch width by any length stock size.

Strippet 30 x 30 Panagraph

Press Brakes:

1990 Wysong RT-4 Hydraulic Press Brake

  • 6 Axis CNC Control, 200 Ton x 16 feet

LVD Hydraulic Press Brake

  • 90 Ton x 10 feet capacity

Pexto Hydraulic Press Brake

  • 55 Ton x 8 feet capacity


1995 Wysong Hydraulic Shear

  • CNC Controls, 1/2 inch x 10 feet capacity

Rolls and Notchers:

Comeq Powered Roll Former

  • 1/2 inch x 6 feet capacity

Two 1/4" x 36 inch Rolls

1994 Boshert Hydraulic Notcher

  • 1/4 inch x 8 inch capacity

Miscellaneous Fabricating Equipment:

100 Ton Iron Worker

Arex Denison 50 Ton, Double Acting Hydraulic C Frame Press

60 Ton Hydraulic Straightening Press

Punch Presses, 4 to 45 Ton

Haeger Pem Insertion Press

Texturing and Deburring Equipment:

2001 Timesaver

  • 36 inch wide Dual Head Sander and Polisher

Hill Acme Abrasive Belt Grinder

  • 38 inch wide with coolant and 60 horsepower motor

Time Saver Sander

  • 18 inch wide

Vibratory Royson 20 inch x 35 inch

WaterJet Cutting Machine:

1997 Flow WaterKnife with Paser head

  • 60 inch x 120 inch cutting area, can cut almost any material

Machining Equipment:

1994 Auberback FBE-3000 CNC Machining Center with Universal head

  • 25 horsepower

  • 40 inch wide x 118 inch long x 45 inch high


Cincinnati Milacron 20VC-2000 Vertical CNC Machining Center

  • 20 horsepower

  • 30 inch x 80 inch x 32 inch Travel with 30 tool automatic tool changer

Three Bridgeport Series II Vertical Mills with DRO's

  • 5 horsepower

Two Bridge port Series I Vertical Mills with DRO's

  • 2 horsepower

SAJO Horizontal and Vertical Mill

  • 7.5 horsepower

Grinding Equipment:

Boyer Shultz 6 x 18 Hydraulic Surface Grinder with Coolant

Boyer Shultz 6 x 12 Surface Grinder

Lathes and Turning Equipment:

1998 Harrison Alpha Plus 550 CNC Lathe

  • 32 inch x 120 inch cut

1990 Harrison Lathe

  • 22 inch swing x 60 inch between centers, taper attachment and DRO

1993 Bridgeport Lathe

  • 13 inch swing x 40 inch between center with DRO

Rockwell 8 inch Swing Tool Room Lathe

Saws and Drill Presses:

Kaltenback Cold Saw

  • 30 inch blade

  • Hydraulic clamping and length gauge

Marvel Vertical Metal Cutting Saw with Full Miter Cutting

DoAll Vertical Band Saw

  • 40 inch diameter capacity

Rockwell Abrasive Cut Off Saw

  • 14 inch diameter blade

Black and Decker 7.5 Horsepower Metal Cutting Radial Arm Saw with Coolant and Power Feed

Delta Unisaw

  • 12 inch Table saw with 48 inch rip capacity

Arobogas Drill Press

  • 2.5 inch diameter capacity

Assorted 1/2 through 1 Horsepower Drill Presses

Miscellaneous Machining Equipment:

1995 Flex-Arm Air Powered Tapper

  • 30 inch x 72 inch Table

Procunier Taper with Lead Screw

Pipe Threader and Cutter

  • 1/2 inch to 2 inch capacity

Welding Equipment:

Miller Syncowave 500 AMP Tig Welder

Miller Syncowave 300 AMP Tig Welder with Slope Control

Linde UCC305 Tig Welder

Miller Syncowave 315 Tig Welder

Linde VI-450SS Programmable Thermal Arc Mig Welder

L-Tec Digipulse Programmable Mig Welder for Aluminum

Linde SVI-250 Mig Welder

Linde SVI-300 Mig Welder

Miller MC-300VS Mig Welder

Hypertherm Plasma Cutter

Arc Rite Stud Welder

  • 3/8 inch capacity

Nelson Stud CD Stud Welder

  • #4 through 5/16 diameter

Miller 250 Amp AC-DC Portable Welder

Weld-O-Matic 500 KVA Spot Welder

  • 36 inch Rocker Arm

Sciaky PMC02 Spot Welder, 125 KVA, Mil Spec Aluminum Certified

Sciaky 200 KVA Spot Welder with 302A Control

Work Positioner

  • 1000 pound capacity

Rotary Welding Positioner

  • 1000 pound capacity

Finishing Equipment:

Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment

Powder Coating Spray Booth with Dual Filters

Powder Coating Batch oven

  • 10 foot x 10 feet x 8 feet

500' Endless Motorized Paint Line

Spray Booth 10 feet x 12 feet with Water Curtain Filter

Three-Stage Parts Washer with Phosphatizing

Hot Black Oxiding Line

  • 36 inch x 36 inch x 36 inch Tank capacity

PB-3648P Empire Bead Blast

  • 36 inch x 48 inch x 76 inch capacity

Pressurized Tank Grit and Sand Blaster

Royson 24 inch x 36 inch Tumbler

Material Handling Equipment:

Assorted Lift Trucks

  • 2,000 - 6,000 pound capacity

Delivery Truck

  • 20-foot long enclosed van body

  • 26,000 pound capacity

Computers and Peripherals:

Assorted Computers

  • Teksoft and MasterCam CAD/CAM software

Laser Printers

E-size Plotter

8.5 inch x 11 inch Flat Bed Scanner